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The Nathan's Battle Foundation has been established to aid in the development of therapies for Late Infantile Batten Disease. The foundation utilizes entrepreneurial spirit and techniques to seek out and develop promising therapeutic approaches by fostering collaborations between basic research and therapy development mechanisms. The foundation accomplishes this by identifying and filling gaps in the development process by delivering resources to transform ideas into therapies.

Who will benefit and How many people will be served...

The development of therapies will directly benefit the over 500 hundred children that are afflicted with this gruesome disease through out the world. The potential of this project can have an impact on over 40 other rare diseases, which would include a population of over 50,000 fatally ill people. The principle of this project is to pioneer rare disease therapy development to create a platform for other rare diseases.

Organization's accomplishments and ability to accomplish goals...

Since established, the Nathan's Battle Foundation has been intensely involved in leading and directing the scientific community to develop therapies for Late Infantile Batten disease. We have accomplished many goals and have received recognition as a leader in the Batten disease community. The foundation has been involved in many capacities: from working directly with the basic scientist; developed a business plan outlining an approach and methodology, collaborating with biotech companies; and being involved with the National Institutes of Health and the Food and Drug Administration. The foundation has the knowledge and relationships established to successfully advance therapies for this rare disease.

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