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Medical Records
Riley Developmental Evaluation (performed 10/28/98)
Innovative Therapy's Developmental Evaluation (performed 7/8/98)
First Eye Exam (performed 8/24/98)
Riley's Eye Exam (performed 9/11/98)
EEG Results (performed 11/12/98)
ERG (performed 11/12/98)
MRI (performed 11/23/98)
Blood Test (many test performed from 8/5/98 - present)
Biopsy (performed 12/2/98)
DNA Blood Test for Batten's (performed 2/26/99)
DNA Blood Test for Batten's Second Opinion (performed 5/03/99)
Duke University Visit Commentary (6/7/99)
New York Alternative Medicine Visit (10/20/99)
DNA Blood Test by Leading Reseacher (12/10/99)

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