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Waiting for a Miracle (8/04)
Builders Unite for Nathan's Battle
• Major New York paper features NBF
Daily Journal run an update story -Treatment expected soon (3/5/04).
• Weill Cornell Medical College's publication the Journal features promise of NBF's gene therapy clinical trial (03/04)
Indy Star runs NBF update -Dad Battles to help sons (2/17/04).
• IBJ - business journal gives update story on NBF and clinical trial agreement (12/03).
• Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton Florida news papers feature NBF's stem cell efforts
• Inside Indiana Business with Gerry Dick features NBF (11/03).
National Industry Journal highlights NBF progress (11/03).
Treatment near for, fatal disease (11/9/03). Daily Journal Cover Story
NBF Reaches new Frontier.  Prestigious Indianapolis Business Journal runs story on amazing progress (10/27/03)
• CBS affiliate runs update story on the Milto's (8/30/03).
Taking a Chance (8/27/03).
• NBF was featured in a California paper.  Life-saving Solutions may stem from stem cells (8/7/03).
• NBF was featured in the NEW YORK TIMES (6/3/03). 
Daily Journal run an update story -Battle for sons' lives (2/4/03).
The Learning Channel is Nationally airing Medical Mysteries containing the 48 Hours segment on the Milto's (2/1/03).
• German Television (Pro Sieben, a German TV station) request an update on the efforts of NBF in relation to the Shone family's efforts  (1/28/03).
• Phil is interviewed by the BBC regarding NBF efforts with the Shone family (1/23/03).
• Phil is on WZPL during a Make-A-Wish fundraiser discussing NBF (11/14/02).
The IBJ runs update story on NBF's amazing accomplishments (1/13/03).
• Canadian Television runs story on the Carter Family and their efforts to support NBF (12/10//02).
The Columbus Ohio Dispatch runs a story on NBF (11/11/02)
The United Kingdom's BBC runs feature story on the Shone family's efforts supporting NBF. (10/9/02)
The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review runs story on the Balog's efforts for NBF (9/15/02)
The Pittsburg Post runs front page story on the Balog's support of NBF(9/10/02)
 • The Southside Times reports on NBFs tremendous progress (9/02).
• Mooresville paper runs two features about NBF and the Heartland Crossing "Run for Life" (8/02).
  Phil does radio program on WIBC (8/02).
  Phil is interviewed on Sound Medicine radio program regarding NBF's efforts (8/13/02).
  The Indianapolis Star runs story on NBF's efforts (7/26/02).
• The Challenger runs update story on NBF (7/02).
• Phil is on "Sound Medicine" with Barbara Lewis to discuss NBF efforts (7/14/02).
• Phil appears on "Medical Matters" program on ABC affiliate to discuss NBF's progress to a therapy. (5/5/02). 
•FOX airs update story on NBF's progress and the disease's progress on Nathan and PJ (4/23/02).
• Iowa paper interviews Phil on latest break through discoveries where gene therapy reversed disease progress of similar disease (3/28/02).
• NBF's story is covered by the San Francisco Chronicle featuring the foundations progress toward therapies (01/20/02).
• FOX covers Max and Erma's dinner benefit (7/23/01) and Garage Sale (7/28/01)
• CBS affiliate performs Sports broadcast from GVS Nathan's Battle golf outing and interviews Phil (7/19/01)
• UPN run story on Nathan's and P.J.'s ride motorcycle event (7/7/01)
• CBS affiliate run story on Fire Side benefit dinners (7/2/01)
• WFYI's Inside Indiana Business interviews Phil about multi-facet approach to therapy development (7/1/01)
• ABC affiliate run update story on Nathan's Birthday 6/29/01
IBJ "Non-for-profits, check out this game plan"(6/11/01) 
CBS's 48 Hours national news program is set to air story on Nathan's Battle on Thursday, June 14 at 10:00 p.m. 48 Hours Website link
The Indianapolis Business Journal Runs Story on Nathan's Battle "In a race for Life" (6/4/01)
Topics runs story on benefit walk (6/7/01)
Daily Journal story of Milto's Visit with Speedway Driver (5/19/01)
• Topics Indy Driver sticks to Nathan's Fight(5/25/01)
Daily Journal run story on Milto Meeting
• CBS affiliate runs story about the benefit concert (5/13/01)
• Fox affiliate does story on Nathan's Battle's logo being on Walker Racing's Sarah Fishers race car and do story about the Mark Schultz benefit concert (5/13/01).
• ABC affiliate has Phil as guest to discuss accomplishments and challenges of Nathan's Battle (5/13/01).
• Tricia is on CBS affiliate morning program (5/13/01).
• Tricia is a guest on early morning radio show to promote awareness and the Mark Schultz concert (5/9/01).
• CBS affiliate runs Nathan's Battle Update Meeting as the top story (4/22/01)
• Fox affiliate runs top story on Nathan's Battle Update Meeting (4/22/01)
• Fox morning show has Phil on to talk about latest Nathan's Battle Updates (4/20/01)
• NBC affiliate updates our story with P.J.'s diagnosis (3/28/01)
• Topics paper runs a story updating public with P.J.'s diagnosis.
Daily Journal runs Nathan's Battle now brother's battle too (3/26/01).
Topics paper runs a story about CBS's national coverage of Nathan's Battle.
• CBS's The Early Show airs a national story on Nathan's Battle (3/12/01).Early Show Link.
Daily Journal runs a front page week end update story "Searching for a Cure".
Nathan's Battle wins one of Topics paper "Top Stories" in 2000. Follow-up story printed.
Topics paper runs 2 part front page series of stories in 11 different publications.
• Indianapolis Star runs 3 full pages including front page of Life Style section 10/29/00 on Sunday edition. Fighting Back
• ABC affiliate runs medical story
• Every news stations covers Nathan's Battle under the Big Top as the Top Story.
The Daily Journal reports on Nathan's Battle Under the Big Top
• Fox 59 runs follow-up story
• CBS affiliate has Nathan, Tricia, and Phil on with Dick Woolfsie morning program
Daily Journal runs front page story on Nathan's Battle Under the Big Top
• NBC affiliate runs story -Debbie Denman
• Fox has Tricia, Nathan, and Phil on morning program
• Every news station attends Nathan's Battle Dinner benefit to report (6,8,13,59)
• PBS, Channel 20 Across Indiana runs a 10 minute special
• Challenger runs front page Nathan's Battle story
• Spot light runs front page story
Daily Journal runs front page story - WRT couple pushes for research
• Indianapolis Star runs Nathan's Battle Story, Father wastes no time leading battle against son's disease
• Daily Journal run story - Through the Dark
• CBS affiliate, Channel 8 runs story -Natalie Simms (6 minute story run during every news cast)
• Fox 59 runs news story - Russ McQuaid

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