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Targeting Potential Donors
This page contains documentation to give detailed explanation on how anyone and everyone can help identify, target and contact potential philanthropic donors. We need to obtain philanthropic funding substantial enough to quickly pay for the ACTUAL clinical trial expenses.  We have manufactured the drug, tested it and by December 2003 will submit for regulatory approvals.  We now need the funding to pay for the actual clinical trial expenses (surgeries, hospital costs, monitoring, imaging, operating costs...).  We need to raise this money before Cornell will begin the human trials.  The trial could begin as early as January 2004 if we have the funding.  We need money secured quickly.  "It is all who you know..." when trying to obtain philanthropic funding. If you have any relationships with any wealthy individuals please contact them in our behalf (high school friends, fraternity/sorority members, business contacts, country club members...). The cause is a great cause for a philanthropist.  Their money will go to pay for the ACTUAL human trial. Please read the "Funding Steps" document for more detailed information. It is time to use every connection that you might have to help. We need your help.

NBF Digital Video.  DOWNLOAD a NBF Video.  This video uses local and national media to explain our cause.  It was produced in late 2001 (some dated information).  This is a very effective tool to explain our cause and get donors interested.

THIS IS A VERY LARGE FILE.  Depending on your internet connection speed your download times will vary.  The file is over 226 MB.  You might want to check your download speeds before trying to download.  Times will vary.  A high-speed connection will take 10-12 minutes (download speeds near 3000 kbps).  A 56k modem connection might take up to 10 hours. I would recommend that you find someone with a high-speed connection or start the download over night (with power saver modes off).


Project Overview This is an overview of our project.  This can be given to potential funders.

Follow the steps:

• First read the "Funding Steps" (click for Word 6.0/95 version) document to get some guidelines and funding background for assisting us. The most important step is to try to identify a philanthropic target that you have some kind of connection/relation.  The Funding Steps document has some ideas for identifying wealthy individuals but there are many other ways, don't be afraid to be creative.  Researching good quality targets is critical and the more you know about the funder the better our chances. Remember, we first have to get them to read our request so acquaintances or other connections that you have will help tremendously. If not sometimes a tremendous amount of volume of requests can at least get them to read the letter. Some other types of places to look are magazine listings, business journals, news papers.... Like some of the following. Forbes link , Top 100 Assets, and Forbes World's Richest are just a few links. It may also take further research to get addresses and contact information.  This is the most important step. Thanks for your help. You can make a difference.

• Then use one of the following "Boiler Plate" letters to tailor and send to your targeted individual philanthropist.

Letter #1 (click for Word 6.0/95 version)- Written more toward a philanthropist who's interest are children and making a difference.  Who would like to make a difference with funding and get a return on their funding investment.

Letter #2 (click for Word 6.0/95 version)- Written more toward a philanthropist who's interest are more toward advancing medical science being involved in a cutting edge technology project using gene therapy. While receiving national exposure for their generosity and good will.

Letter #3 (click for Word 6.0/95 version)- Written more toward trying to appeal to the emotions of a philanthropist.

Print at least 2 of the following stories from our media links to include in your mailing.

IBJ "Non-for-profits, check out this game plan"(6/11/01)

The Indianapolis Business Journal Runs Story on Nathan's Battle "In a race for Life" (6/4/01)

• Daily Journal runs a front page week end update story "Searching for a Cure". Link.

• Indianapolis Star runs 3 full pages including front page of Life Style section 10/29/00 on Sunday edition. Fighting Back Link


Mail or hand deliver if you have any connection with the targeted person. If we mail it they may never read it. We need a to make sure our letters get read if possible.

NB Update Meeting Presentation. (95 version) - This is the PowerPoint Presentation used during the Nathan's Battle Update meeting on April 22, 2001.  This meeting informed the community of our current accomplishments, successes and the challenges that we face. The meeting help to define specific ways people can help to solve our funding problem.


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